Often here at Hamilton Budgeting Advisory Trust we see people when they are going through times of hardship, times are tough financially or they have been requested to come for some reason by other services.

Our Financial Mentors would like to see more people who want to lead a healthy financial future.
Our Financial Mentors can guide you towards better informed decisions on how to utilise or spend/save your money.
By having a plan in place for your finances, it helps to take some of the stress out of life’s future mishaps or hurdles.
– An emergency fund can take care of any breakdowns of appliances or your car, etc.
– A bill account can take care of all the bills that need paying throughout the month/year.
If you are wanting a complete financial check-up to jump start your financial journey with less stress, call our office on 078381339 to book a time with one of our Financial Mentors. Or book online here on Facebook or our website – www.budgeting.co.nz